Editorial Illustration


How do you elevate the words of a magazine article and compliment a story to draw in readers?


The solution is custom illustrations that enhance the story and engages the reader by creating a visual entryway to a deeper understanding of the story.




 Page Layout

Denzel Washington Caricature

Magazine profile for Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington. He won Best Male Actor in a Leading Role for the movie Training Day. The stark color pallet and rough textures in the illustration echo the characters rugged personality and general theme of the film.


This illustration was created through mixed media, a combination of ink, graphite, and digital. The final result is a striking illustration that captures the actors likeness and gives you clues about the movies main character.

Cloning Editorial Illustration

Illustration to compliment an article on cloning for Popular Science Magazine. The mosaic of faces work together to illustrate one human face, reflecting what’s done in the scientific process.


This illustration was created through using a combination of acrylic latex paints and digital. The final result is a captivating optical illusion that stops a reader in their tracks.

Mexican Immigration Illustration

Illustration that conveys the many struggles of the Mexican immigrants crossing into the United States. The background contains several elements of the culture and what they’re leaving behind to seek a better opportunity for them and their family.


This illustration was created using a combination of acrylic latex paint and digital. The final result is a compelling illustration that communicates several themes in the article.

Bipolar Disorder Illustration

Illustration for article profiling recent medical research findings for the bipolar disorder. Each side of the character shows the extremes of sadness and happiness.


This illustration was created using a combination of acrylic latex paints and digital. The final result is a startling illustration that shows you a visual translation of an internal struggles many people deal with.

September Twilight


I was approached by the Boston, MA rock band September Twilight to help them in creating the artwork for their debut album “Evolution”.Take a thunder clashing drummer, a harmonically possessed bassist, two lushly complex guitarists, and a vocalist who swims at your edge of reason, put them together and discover September Twilight.They didn’t have a specific idea of how they wanted their cd design to look, but they did provide me with an early release of their album to help inspire me in the


art direction. I worked through few concept sketches before arriving at this concept – a human being inside of a cocoon with elongated wings protruding from it’s shell. Once the sketch was approved I began to refine the line work, add shadows and highlights, and finally color. The end result is a cohesive package that contains the grunge and ominous vision that the band was looking for.


 CD Packaging Design

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 Digital Matte Painting

 Sketching & Concepting

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