Geared Under- rock cd design: band photo art

Posted August 28th, 2009 in Category Uno and tagged , , , , , by fernando

This is the front side of a 4 panel cd insert, which is the cover (on the right) and the inside cover (on the left). The band wanted a design that reflected the album release name- “Road to Nowhere” so I created the scene from a collection of photo sources and added rain with photoshop. The tornado was actually not part of the original concept, at first there was a city scape back there and menacing clouds only, but I felt it lacked dramatic effect- so then I tried the tornado in the background and it worked perfectly. I later started adding objects in the air around the tornado like cows, tractors, houses and other random debris- but it made it look to comical so I toned it down a bit and only kept the blurry debris.
For the band photo on the left- i cut the band members out adjusted the levels on the photo to enhance the light and dark values- this gives it a more dramatic effect, and makes the photo look more rugged. I also added the worn out rock texture on the background along with the bands name painted graffiti style on the wall.

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